Additional connectivism resources and discussion

For some reason, I’m encountering all kinds of resources or instances of discussion on connectivism. A few resources today:
Situating Connectivism
Connectivism – Teaching and Learning
I should mention as well, all of the talks from our online conference last year have been transcribed if anyone is interested (I keep wanting to get them formatted in .pdf file for printing as a book via Lulu…but time is always a factor. Would anyone find that to be of value?):
Situating Connectivism (G. Siemens)
Research Models of Connectivist Learning (Terry Anderson)

Connective Teaching: How the Read/Write Web Challenges Traditional Practice
(Will Richardson)
The Recognition Factor (Stephen Downes)

Balancing Agility and Stability in Higher Education
(Diana Oblinger)
A Challenge to Connectivism (Bill Kerr)
Learning Conceptualized through the Lens of Today’s World (G. Siemens)

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  1. Lisa Neal says:

    You might be interested and amused by since this appears to be a great example – and useful for others too!