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The world really doesn’t need an extra listserv. However, in spite of my numerous rants on the worth of wikis, blogs, RSS, etc, I’ve decided to set up a listserv to foster discussion around learning and network theories. You can register for the listserv here. I find that RSS/blogs still only appeals to a small (subsection) of society. Much valuable knowledge exchange still happens via email. When I initially set up the connectivism site, I felt that the blog, discussion forum, and wiki would provide a forum for dialogue. The activity has been limited. While this might be a function of limited interest in the notion of connectivism, I feel that use of a more convention tool for dialogue (i.e. email/listserv) might spur discussion and create connections between members of the community. Please let me know your thoughts/suggestions.

6 Responses to “Connectivism/learning listserv”

  1. Karla says:

    Don´t you think that a listserv could discourage the use of other tools?

  2. Hi Karla – yes, that’s a good point…and one I’ve reflected on quite a bit over the last few months. Ultimately, I decided that the existing tools weren’t used a great deal…and that inclusion of a more common tool might enlarge the participation of members who aren’t comfortable posting to a blog or contributing to a wiki. I think there are two very distinct groups of people in learning technology – those who like to play with “cutting edge” tools…and those who are more comfortable simply adopting new resources into existing processes. Many people will not be interested in blogs…and I’m hoping that a listserv will meet their needs. I guess in the spirit of networks, redundancy can be a good thing. More than one tool or process can enlarge participation, even if it duplicates existing resources. Each resource is a node in the network, and ultimately the community decides which nodes are most valuable. I hope in the end the listserv will simply be an additional node in the overall network of connectivism dialogue tools…

  3. Karla says:

    I´m having a similar problem here in my company, now.
    My co-workers aren’t comfortable with our collaboration tools and I can´t help it. After 6 months I only got one person to join me at the company´s weblog. And we´are 15 people!
    If we just set up listserv I think that we will never get to other experiences and worse: never be able to offer new possibilities to our clientes.
    I´m sorry for this deception that you can see here, but i´m also a huge fan of your work. People like you keep people like me going on…
    Thanks for your words!

  4. Charles says:

    I find it takes some time to participate in listservs, and I think it’s just difficult to keep up with everything. So most people prefer to sit back and let others do the work. Is that similar to a tragedy of the commons in reverse? I’m finding that I need to limit my participation, too due to lack of time.

  5. Bill Kerr says:

    hi george,
    I read and was interested in your article some 6 months ago but have only recently found this site.
    I was wondering why you also blogged at as well as here. Comments aren’t enabled at your elearnspace blog and there isn’t a link to here from there either.
    Hence, in my experience you have been hard to find in terms of being able to communicate with. I’d suggest that where ever you have a web presence then provide clear links to your other web presences :-)
    Anyway, glad to be here and will try to post some thoughts about your learning theory, time permitting.

  6. Hi Bill, I have a different focus with elearnspace – I use it mainly as a tool to broadcast techology and learning trends to a broad audience (corporate, higher ed, secondary, etc.). Connectivism is a very specific subset – the focus is on learning theory and networks (I keep my articles on the elearnspace site because it’s a server I own and I don’t get nailed with charges for high traffic. Connectivism is hosted plone site, so I try and move high traffic files to my server). I don’t enable comments on elearnspace because I was getting overwhelmed with spam and refer links. I hope to eventually open the site up to messages.
    I’ll follow your suggestion to include cross links…