Connections vs. Content

I’ve been playing around with podcasting…and expect to make it a fairly regular habit. (If you would like to subscribe via RSS, or if you use a podcast aggregator, here’s the channel.)

I’ve recorded a fairly short podcast (5 minutes) on Connections vs. Content. Let me know if podcasts are of interest to you (i.e. do you actually listen to them).

8 Responses to “Connections vs. Content”

  1. oook says:

    The podcast sounds like you’re reading a prepared text, and I think I’d rather READ that for myself –but I’d be really interested in hearing you thinking out loud, as you prepare to write a condensed summary. I find that I surprise myself (’how can I know what I think until I HEAR what I say’?) by recording that think-out-loud stuff. There’s probably a lot of um-er-misstep-start-over self-consciousness, especially when you first explore such seat-of-pants recording, but that can be edited out with Audacity. The resulting [almost] stream of consciousness carries the conviction that comes with conversation, perhaps at the expense of the precision that edited text conveys so well. My vote: keep doing it. I’ll certainly listen!

  2. Jamie Billingham says:

    I like podcasts. I liked this podcast.
    I am one of those not so smart people who need to read, hear, see, and do before I really get it, what ever it is.
    I also like that I can download podcasts on my mp3 player and listen to something other than commercial radio while stuck in traffic.
    I also like that I can listen while I am walking or riding my bike around the neighborhood.
    I have tried reading while doing these things and it just..well lets just say, it a bad idea lol
    I also like that podcasts force me to take my own notes as opposed to just hightlighting. (Am a lazy learner sometimes)
    One thing though, I think to make effective use of this medium one has to use more metaphors and develop a speaking style that maintains the listeners attention. When we are in a f2f environment we use our body language and eye contact to add meaning and inflection. With spoken word I think the speaking style (pace, inflection, rythem) has to be a bit more overt.
    One of the biggest “things” being bantered about over the past couple of years is the use of storeytelling as a way to capture and share tacit knowledge. I would like to see more use of that form of communication using the podcast medium. (And yes, I’m working on it lol)
    Just my 2 cents…

  3. corrie says:

    I don’t have a portable MP3 player – it’s on my Christmas wish list – and I read a lot faster than most folks talk. So I’m not yet a consumer of podcasts. If I start taking the bus more often (and given the price of gas, my wife is encouraging me to do that) I’ll be more motivated. Would like to know your thoughts, though. Would you be kind enough to post a transcript? :-)

  4. Jamie Billingham says:
    Learning Times has an interesting podcast on the use of podcasts..More specifically on the use of storytelling in teaching and learning. They also have a 1-800 number set up for responses to the podcast.
    You may have to register to access but it is free and easy lol

  5. Jamie Billingham says:

    Robert Dickman: A story is a fact wrapped in an emotion that can compell us to take action and so transform the world.
    Link below to R Dickman’sarticle for MIT on PHAAT Storytelling.

  6. Nichola says:

    I listen to podcasts whilst walking to work and find it’s a great way to catch up things.
    I hope you contiue to develop your podcasts. Maybe a discussion on a theme between you and another person or an invited guest might help it develop.
    I listen to the BBC world service ‘Go Digital’ programme as part of their podcast trial and I think the discussion works very well and provides food for thought.
    Thanks Nichola (Nottingham, England)

  7. You might also consider producing Skypecasts… I’d love to hear you discussing connectivism with other learned types, and it might make it feel a bit more natural for you.

  8. Jamie – thanks for the storytelling link. Looks like a good article.
    Lisa – skypecasts – yes, I think I’ll start playing around with additional approaches. I recently did a session with Ed Tech Talk…and another one with Breeze. You’re right – it’s much easier to sound “natural”.
    Nichola – yes, I will continue to develop podcasts. Eventually, I think I’ll get into my element :) .
    Corrie – transcripts ?!?! I need interns for that :) .
    oook – my last session wasn’t scripted…though I did start/stop often. I agree that I should be more “conversational”.
    Thanks all for the feedback