Restructuring our Structures

I’ve posted a 10 minute podcast – Restructuring our Structures – on the the nature of the change occurring in society, business, and education. Essentially, two changes are driving everything: 1) the breakdown of centralized structures (and move toward network models), and 2) the increased capacity for “quick connectivity” – i.e. the ability to for connections with ease.

One Response to “Restructuring our Structures”

  1. Deirdre Bonnycastle says:

    One of the arguements for rethinking education is leveling the playing field for more artistic students and students with reading/writing disabilities. Our current obsession with essay writing really places some students at a disadvantage in expressing what and how they know the world around them.
    Finally there is the issue of “How many students are going to write essays as part of their vocational choice?” As educators, we seem obsessed with reproducing our own worldview of academic competence. It’s almost like an apprenticeship for teaching where 3/4 of the apprentices get booted out.
    As an example of the power of alternatives, my daughter was given the opportunity to make a short video as part of her Grade 11 Psychology class, the video became a Fringe play and now she is working on making a film version. So I have to ask “When she looks back over her high school years, what did she learn that was of greatest value?”