Connectivism Conference – Day 2: Will Richardson

Will Richardson delivered an excellent session yesterday during Day 2 of the Online Connectivism Conference: Audio file
A quick summary of the discussion going on surrounding the conference and Will’s presentation:
What is a connected education?: “…when everything knowable can be known, then what it means to be educated ought to be up for grabs.”

The Gift of Connection
: “Teachers, during the most stressful period of teaching probably in the history of mankind, we have been given a gift — a gift of connections with one another.”
Tony Forster: “Networking creates the opportunity to meet people of common interests. The edublogging community is great for teachers, but have students benefited?”

Passion-Based Learning
: “Since we have rejected traditional classrooms where students are treated as empty vessels and embraced learning that is learner-centred, passion needs to acquire an important status in education…s an educator, I need to step outside my “comfort zone of content” by sharing my own self: things that I myself am passionate about. I need to stop peddling content and show that I am a learner too.”
Graham Wegner: “I do wonder how connectivism can work for the pre-adolescent years of schooling and how technology dependent that form of learning is. I really like a lot of questions Bill raises on his wiki in regards to whether we need to declare allegiance to one theory or another.”
Some great discussion is occurring in the Moodle forum as well (you can click to login as guest to read, but posting requires you to create an account)…covering topics as diverse as Second Life as an educational tool, overcoming obstacles to how we teach (including the provocative question: “has it gone too far? Our faculty are struggling with a new student body who question everything and faculty feel sidelined by the facilitator role – that their expertise is no longer of importance – all knowledge is relevant now”…and an exploration of “the world is changing…but“.
Stop in and participate in the growing conversation…

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